Technology is all around.

This post is inspired due to a wonderful man I am caring for tonight, I will call him Casanova.

Technology is all around us, we and the children that are growing up are linked at the hip.

However this wonderful 62 year old man revels in starting up his laptop as i start mine, asks me how to find things on his computer,

clicks where I direct him yet it still doesnt work, this does not deter him, Casanova then asks how to get onto the internet, even though his computer doesnt connect he still enjoys asking questions. Later Casanova puts it away after playing a drawing game.

I then look at the last few days i have been with Casanova, looking at the things we have done.

1) went to the Dr and found out he was suffering an infection. This was detected with the use of technology.

2) x-rays done on his hand as he has broken it during a fall earlier in the day, technology of the cat got us to x-ray, then the x-ray machine was another medical technology.

3) lunch, ordering through a McDonalds drive through, technology linking us to the people inside the store to make out meal and provide it to us fresh and hot as well as cold drinks.

With all this technology we still can not assist my dear Casanova in finding out why he is falling over, hitting his head and so unsteady he is unable to left alone at all.

All i can say Technology is all around us but has not been able to answer my questions today..

5 thoughts on “Technology is all around.

  1. It sounds like Casanova is lucky to have you caring for him!! I agree, technology is everywhere and can do so many things for us… but yet there are still things that not even technology can help us to figure out, and they are usually the most important 🙁

  2. Hi Lovie, What a thoughtful piece to read as I struggle with technology for another assignment.

    I too have a ‘Cassanova’ and I know what you mean.

    Technology is wonderful but it doesn’t take away the pain of loneliness or the hurt of the telephone that does not ring because everyone is so technologically busy they haven’t got time for people.

    My Cassanova has some of the issue you refer to but still enjoys life thanks to the technology that regulates the heartbeat and keeps him young.

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  4. What a refreshing post. Makes blogging not so tiresome to see a real life situation. I feel for Casonova. I hope he is happy
    Vicki Williams

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