End of 2020

WOW just found my site again.

It’s been years since my last post.

I am teaching full-time perm. great little school.

Didn’t 2020 send us a curveball?

First-term started all great.

week 4 found out I needed major knee surgery. Was able to book it for week 8. Meaning week 8-10 I was off on leave.

Covid-19 was shutting everything down, anxiety crept in. Went in on the 24th of march to have a knee replacement. Woke the next day still delirious on drugs to find out work has closed. No students are at school and all teachers are doing online learning.

Finally home after 5 days in the hospital. Iceman was my best friend.

Week one was dam hard but week 2 was even harder.

by week 3 I was off medication pretty much all day but nights were still hard.

Week 4 I was doing everything I needed to, was able to walk well didn’t =need ice as much, and was able to think about going back to work in week 1 term 2.

This brought on another problem, due to RONA I had to have a pass to get through the border. every week applying online to get a new pass, traveling to work was fine but coming home left me sitting in traffic from1 hour up to 2-3 hours. Made a really long day.

Term 2 went by with massive changes to work and how we worked, no face to face meetings, no parents onsite, no parent helpers nothing.

term 3 came and went in the same format.

term 4 some changes but not many. year 6 graduation totally changed, end of year fun days canceled, and no overnight trips for the kids.

If Covid was not enough we also had rain, yep rain over 1000ml of rain in 2 days. The last week of term 4 was a washout. spent 2 days at another school as I couldn’t get to mine, third day was ok, got to school but the last day was washed out by 11am. The trip home took 2 hours due to rain and water on the roads.

Today is the first day of the holidays, I am thinking of applying to QLD to teach as the drive isn’t so much getting to me but I feel I need a change.

I am sure the 6 weeks break from driving will not be hard to take.


anyway all have a great Christmas and look forward to finding this again one day. xoxox

After Graduation

It is now Well after graduation.


I am not only Teaching at an amazing school, but i am also working at HWNS as a senior Support Worker.

This in its self has me working hard and have had to put teaching to the side for 3 mths. Not really what i wanted to do however thats what happens in life.

I am working to set up a new Group home in Villa style. All independent living with 24/7 support.

I have also received my full approval to teach in NSW department of Ed schools not only in primary but also HighSchool. I want to end up as head teacher in a High School as Special Ed Teacher. one day I will get there.



WOW I didn’t realise it was so long ago since i blogged.


So much has happened.

I am only 2 units away from graduating from UNI as a special Education Teacher.

It is amazing. I was told today it is only 5 mths away.

By that time I am hoping that I will be able to get a job as a teacher, earn some amazing money and be able to work Monday to friday. NO shift work and weekends to have with family again.

Sounding resentful of the work I have to do at the present time!! well I suppose I am.  I have been working for 3 years now at this job. I did love it but now i am finding it not so much, the staff not pulling their weight, working more than i should and not having time at home.

I have also had a major change at home. Hubby is now Not working, he has been home since October 2013 and i don’t have a day to myself anymore while relaxing at home, there is always some one around, or i am questioned about what, why and when i am doing things. I have no idea how long he is home from work, I would love him to go back but i don’t think he will.

so things have changed and i am struggling with it.

Hears hoping that i can get into teaching as soon as i graduate.

chat again soon.

The next day.

Well I have woken the following day.

Head to work for training as Dad n Mum didnt want me to go with them.

Walk inside and see my fantastic Boss, then I start Blubbering..

We go have a coffee.. I settle down, we head back into the office for training.

Its now 11am, still no call from my parents. I get into my work and start watching the dvd’s.

The 11.30 the phone rings, well it vibrates I walk outside, and talk to mum.

Its official… Dad has Multiple Myeloma. However there is a positive side.

He doesnt have Menniers  that we thought he has had for 15 years, and the cancer is only 2% of his blood.

So friday we start the treatment. I am taking them this time. I will not allow them to go to the gold coast without me.

Wish us luck.

Cya on the flip side

WHY does this has to happen??

THis post is from the heart, and will ask many questions that NO ONE can answer.


Today i get a phone call from my parents. My dad has been having many different tests of late and was called back to the Dr for a 2nd time in a week.

As i was heading home on my bike I get  txt, I stop and read it as I know mum n dad are at the Dr.

The text says “call me when you are home please, love mum xxxx”

I text back “ok”

I return home 10 min later, sit down on the lounge and ring mum. I am not sure what to expect.

Mum answers, there is silence, then i hear her, Lynny  are you there?  I answer Yes, whats happening mum.

I get really worried as she can not talk and dad comes onto the phone, he is not much better, but he talks.

Lyn he says the Dr thinks I have a Non-hogkinson Lymphoma called Multiple Myeloma. So he has to have more tests tomorrow, heart monitor, brain scans and more.

I tell him I can come with him but NO dad says we will be ok.

I want to yell and say NO I am coming but they are tough, they get through everything together, I can not go against my dad, i feel crappy, I just want to help, but I cant.

Its only now the tears are flowing, researching the illness and talking to my 2 big brothers have made it real. I dont want it to be, but I have no choice.

Questions are now flowing and I have no answers, I have more and more Questions, but no one to talk to.

I dont want to upset my kids, but i have to tell them what is happening to their poppy.

Can I wake tomorrow and this all be a nightmare?

iPad or Laptop?

At the school I have been doing my Prac the students have the use of many different ITC items.

The first evident item is the Computer. Three are set up in the Life Skills room.

Then the next one is the Interactive WHite Board. 

The last evident item is the iPad.

With these three items the class is able to explore so many different things,

play educational games on so many different levels

and interact with stories on different levels.

I my self have a laptop, iPad and mobile phone.

I am glued to my phone, it is always in my pocket.

My iPad is something i use for playing games or taking away

if i need something to connect to the internet.

Then i have my laptop, I am always on this when i am at home,

I am always on the internet working or doing assignments.

so to me technology is important.

However what is your idea about this technology and your idea if iPads in the class.

Here is one view of iPads in the class. 

Monday Is here again ! :)

Monday week 2.

Today I am teaching all day.

Lesson one.

Hand writing.

Start reading the paper from the IWB, Then ask the students to choose one story they will write in their books.

We all begin to become involved with the chatter about the weekend news in the paper.

Looking at the billycarts and colourful photo’s

One student wants to write his own story, not just copy from the IWB.

I allow his imagination to run wild and write his story.

Its all going great, then one students runs outside screaming.

The aide goes to see whats happened, only to find him sitting on the swings having a break from class.

As she is outside I try and settle the rest of the class. However things are not going to plan, another

student starts screaming and runs outside to the aide. Now I am worried, I look around and see if there is a problem,

alas NO there is no problem, just the 2 students that have run outside do not like writing and when they have had enough they

take off. Good thing all the gates were locked. ( PHEW)

we come back into class, put the books and pens away,

I start some soft music on the computer, minimise the screen and bring up some IWB lessons, reading and comprehension

we will do verbally.

Before we start I allow the students to listen to the music, soft pan pipes, water and birds.

They settle and are eager to start.

The room is so quiet. We begin reading and I start asking Questions.

The teacher has to leave for a short time and the aide stays with me, she is amazed how well the students are going with music behind them. Its soft, relaxing and is low enough not to make to much noise.

I have been looking at the class and often saw that the students were loud, noisy and not concentrating.

I decided to put the music on to see if it will help as I have been hearing more and more of

teachers allowing music in the room and surprisingly the students are doing more work and concentration has increased.

This happened in this class, the students did 50% more work, they were happy and relaxed.

Its not something new, as can be seen on this page.

Friday is here YAY

I crawl into School. I am just about spent for the day even at 8am.

Today is Sports day.

Students will be arriving soon.

I prepare the playground for the students.

Setting up the parachute, balls, basketball hoop and the sand pit.

At 8.45 am one teacher heads to the front gate, and begins to welcome the students for the day.

Today it is my turn to do this.

I start greeting the students. They are all arriving in taxi’s today.

As they arrive I get information from all the parents as to whats happening for the

weekend from the taxi drivers. Who is returning home and who is going to respite for the weekend.

All the students have arrived by 9am, well all except 2. These students make thru way to school usually about 10am.

ALl bags are unpacked and lunch put in the fridge. We all head out side to enjoy the sun. WOW it is hot today.

Then it is time for assembly, we sing a greeting song and then get down to the pointy end of the assembly

and that is WHO is getting awards this week.

These are given out and then it is off to the back yard to begin sport.

All the students are on pushbikes, some need some one to push them and steer and other can do it

solo. The the rain comes. DAM you Rain..

We have to head indoors as it is not healthy for these students to be in the rain.

Lucky I have set up a Wii’s and an x box in the sensory room.

we have ten pin bowling with 4 students. and window washing for another.

It is amazing how a Wii can get a student with mobility problems involved. I love these games

One of these games is so old I can not read it, but all the students are doing is waving their arms and washing windows.

These students dont need to have control, its all about doing what they can to get a reaction.

It is amazing after watching the students interacting so i decided to do some research. One page i came across was this one. 

It is amazing how you can integrate technology for all.


Looking into the needs of the special Ed (Life-skills) class I am taking at the moment I look around the class and see NOTHING.

Yep Nothing. Blank walls, nothing to support them in their learning, nothing to support their ideas

and nothing to assist in their imagination when writing and drawing.

I stumble upon this website.

I see it and am loving the fact it is colourful bright and interesting.

First thing I print our is the letter and number formation.

One student in the class needs assistance in remembering how to write some letters

and how to write his numbers.

Then I print up Behaviour charts, traffic light fans, and a few prompt cards.

Place these all around the room and enjoy the students reactions.

Programming for a lesson i decide one student needs some work on his writing skills,

and print off the work sheets to support him.

I really enjoy this site and feel it will be well used in the future.

Day 4

Day 4: Thursday.

Thursday is a great day at the school.

I was told not to bring lunch but $10 and to make sure I had Joggers on and to take a jumper

I arrive at school 8am, and am not aware fully of what i have to do as my mentor said she was leaving it as a surprise.

This day would be interesting.

I walk into the main office, set my gear down and talk to the CEO.

Head into the school common area,Make a cuppa, and sit with my mentor.

She still doesnt tell me what is happening. But did say make sure you go to the loo when I tell you ok,

and be ready to grab a few kids and get on the bus.

Class is in. I had to go into the main school room and as i come back the kids are all saying SHHHH


so I am now suss of it all.

10.30 arrives, I am told by one of the students it is time to go to the loo,

so i take them all in and go myself.

Then they tell me in this high pitch voice COME ONE NOW  in the bus.

The school bus is in the back yard of the school, waiting for us to get on.

Its now that I am told we are going to the bakery so I have to buy my lunch.

I do as i am told, and I buy an amazing Chicken Cesar Wrap.

I so want a coffee but don’t have time I am told.

We get back on the bus, and one teacher comes over and says

Lynda we are going on a journey and we have selected you to be photographer.

Sure I say. No Problems.

Its only now that I see we are on the way to Lismore.

Nothing that is different to me. Been there heaps of times.

One of the students then tell me that we are going to a park

not just any park but the best park in the world.

The student is so excited it sounds like he is screaming.

We turn off near the University, head down another street and then do a sharp turn left into a car park.

In the Bus the students are so excited, they are all eager to get out and have fun.

We all get out, i grab the camera and start clicking.

The park is amazing, tunnels, bridges, climbing frames, trains to climb into and out of,

another train puzzle for climbing through, slipery dips and swings.

Everyone eats as well as plays, enjoying just getting out from the usual weekly grind of school.

This day is as the students say GREAT.

at 2pm we head home, arrive at school with a few sleeping students and a few tired teachers

All wanting some sort of liquid refreshment.

Water it is for all.

The students leave school by taxi and a few with parents,

we head into the common room and chat,

My Mentor asks me how i felt about doing something different and not knowing were we were going?

I tell her it was really great to get out, I felt excited but also scared as to what I was going to do and see.

It was not that I realise it was to be an assistance to and my teaching.

It was a lesson in preparation of the right kind for students.

Students with a disability don’t like change, however with the right preparation you can remove all anxiety.

Enjoy the day and explore the park.

This is a great lesson for me to understand that preparation is everything.